101 Motivational Quotes
  1. Opportunity doesn’t knock on doors. You do.
  2. Success. Getting it right once after failing 99 times.
  3. Fearless is a subtraction of what others think.
  4. Bury the past. Plant your future.
  5. The real secret is to realistically visualize how to achieve your dreams.
  6. The only reason anything fails is because something better is going to come.
  7. The perfect person shouldn’t be perfect. Just balanced and well rounded.
  8. Be Wise. Listen Then Speak.
  9. Having an open mind can open many hidden doors.
  10. Versatility to adapt solves issues.
  11. Passion is what separates mediocre from extraordinary.
  12. Simplicity is the solution to complexity.
  13. Be grateful even for things you don’t have yet, as they will manifest sooner.
  14. Be proud for being humble.
  15. Persistence is a requirement of achievement.
  16. Be happy that you define happiness.
  17. If you’ve never overcome challenges, then you haven’t really lived.
  18. The reward of allowing yourself to fall in love far outweighs the risk.
  19. Use your magic. You.
  20. If you really want to forget, learn how to forgive.
  21. Unconditional love is the greatest blessing one can give and receive.
  22. Strength is acquired through hardship.
  23. Only by taking smart risks can huge rewards be realized.
  24. Work Hard. Work Smart. That’s Genius.
  25. Dream big, but maneuver cleverly, to wisely build a future.
  26. Being well rounded is how well you get around issues.
  27. Success is how you play your cards regardless of the hand you were dealt.
  28. Dreaming and believing manifests achieving.
  29. Don’t React. Breathe.
  30. Negativity is out of style. Positivity is in.
  31. Be the same way that life is. Tough.
  32. Make a million mistakes. Just not the same one twice.
  33. Finding yourself is an inner journey. 
  34. It’s great to be rich, but there is no price tag on happiness.
  35. Don’t press the limit button on yourself. 
  36. Dreams dictate destiny.
  37. Once you dream it, build your reality from it.
  38. Bloom Like a Flower. Reach For the Sun.
  39. The bumpier the road, the smoother the destination.
  40. The worst regret is not trying.
  41. Don’t settle for average. Strive for genius.
  42. Life goes on. Follow Life.
  43. Every day is another opportunity to be better.
  44. Don’t count the falls. Count the rises.
  45. Be fluid like water. Adapt to any situation.
  46. The only obstacle is you stopping yourself.
  47. Be a star. Shine through any darkness.
  48. Every failure should be another lesson on success.
  49. Never be too short on happiness. Life is short enough.
  50. Swear to yourself you can.
  51. Better and higher. Meet attitude and altitude.
  52. The Little Things. Don’t Forget What Counts.
  53. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing included.
  54. Happiness can be achieved instantaneously. Just think about it.
  55. The rougher your past, the greater your strength.
  56. Regardless of where or how you were planted, you will grow.
  57. Your thoughts create the opportunity. Your actions create the reality.
  58. Dream Big. Devote Bigger.
  59. The game of life is knowing how to play it.
  60. Real strength has nothing to do with muscle.
  61. Regardless of the past, pave a better future.
  62. You will never know the unknown if you never take a chance.
  63. Surround yourself with positive people. Thank yourself later.
  64. Lucky you’re alive. Appreciate and achieve.
  65. Exhaust your energy on the ones who love you the most.
  66. Staying together through the bad times is what really matters.
  67. There is no room for negativity. It needs to move out.
  68. Falling is Fine. Staying Down Isn’t.
  69. Wake hungry. Sleep Satisfied.
  70. Air is always better after it rains.
  71. Baby steps: Fall, Stand, Run.
  72. Respect yourself by not comparing yourself.
  73. If you learned, then you didn’t lose.
  74. Kick. Scream. Cry. Just don’t give up.
  75. Hope. Like a rainbow after rain and stars after dark.
  76. Big steps are all about the first step.
  77. 1 Year = 365 Reasons to Be Grateful
  78. They said you can’t. Tell them you already did.
  79. Bumps pass. Keep driving. 
  80. When I grow up, I want to be just like (Your Name Here).
  81. No Need to Look Back. One Way Road to Success.
  82. Location of Massive Success: Outside Your Comfort Zone.
  83. Let your heart find the road. Let your head guide your turns.
  84. Happiness can be found from nothing and everything.
  85. Paint today for a masterpiece tomorrow.
  86. 99% Wrong. Yet Still Successful.
  87. Water doesn’t complain. It passes right through.
  88. Imperfections are invisible in loving relationships.
  89. They counted wrong when they underestimated you.
  90. Good character is built by being good to all characters.
  91. Whatever they said you couldn’t be. Be just that and more.
  92. Elevator or stairs. You will get to your destination.
  93. Expect and receive. Good things are coming.
  94. It’s risky business not to take any risks.
  95. Best success rate: Getting up 100% every time.
  96. Worst People. Worst Mistakes. Best Lessons.
  97. Life never said it would be easy.
  98. If Breathing: Never Stop Trying.
  99. Dream Blueprints. Construct Success.
  100. Happiness is always excited to see you.
  101. The most memorable part of success is the struggle to reach the end.