The Study of Life (Real Secrets)


How to Manifest Your Dream Life

The real secret to transforming your life and manifesting anything is to realistically visualize how to achieve your dreams and then to work diligently to actually achieve them. Simply thinking or dreaming about your destination will not get you there. You need to know how to realistically get to your destination and you have to work very hard and very smart to actually get there.

For example, you can’t just think about having a million dollars and expect the universe to simply give it to you. Apologies for bursting your bubble, but it’s not going to happen like that. First, you need to realistically visualize how to make a million dollars. For example, if you sell 2000 units of a product or service with a $500 profit margin, then you will make $1,000,000 (2000 units multiplied by $500 profit per unit). This is how you realistically visualize how to make a million dollars. Once you know how to get to your destination of a million dollars, now you have to work very hard to actually achieve it. This might entail opening up an online store, working 7 days a week, managing employees, etc.

Transforming your life and manifesting anything first starts with realistically knowing how to achieve your goals. Once you really figure that out, then you have to work hard and execute your game plan to actually manifest your dream life.


How to Be Successful

In order to be successful at anything, you have to learn its technique in order to do well. This is very similar to playing a game. Whatever game you play, you need to learn its technique in order to play the game well. Life is like a game of chess. Your opponent is life. Life is going to present you with smaller problems like pawns and larger problems like bishops and knights. Your success is how well you play the game. Your success is dependent on you learning its techniques, making the right moves, and your ability to maneuver through life issues.

Adopting this mentality will make you extremely successful in everything and anything you do. In any situation, always ask yourself: Am I playing the game right? Am I making the right moves in this situation? Am I handling this issue in the best way possible? How would the best player handle this situation? Is there something I can do better? Is there something I can do smarter that would place me in a better situation? What is the absolute best move I can make? These are the types of questions you should constantly ask yourself which will drastically improve your success with anything in life.

Everything in life has a technique to it. If you master the technique, you will win at the game of life. This is applicable to everything from business to personal relationships. When conducting business, always ask yourself whether you’re making the right moves for maximum profitability. With personal relationships, always ask yourself what is the best way to deal with individuals. For example, if you have an issue with somebody, always ask yourself what is the best way to resolve it peacefully. Adopting this mindset will always make you a winner in the game of life.


How to Not Get Angry

The key is to think before reacting and never release any of your energy on anyone or any situation that doesn’t deserve it. The goal is to preserve your energy and your happiness as much as possible. The hard part is stopping yourself before you react, and asking yourself whether the person or situation deserves for you to lose your energy and happiness. This takes a little practice at first, but once you master it, you will be so much better off.

For example, if some crazy driver is relentlessly honking at you for no good reason, the proper choice is not to give away any of your energy to the crazy driver by getting mad. You need to stop yourself before reacting and ask yourself whether the crazy driver deserves any of your precious energy. The obvious answer is no. You need to think before you react and preserve your energy in this situation, because a random and crazy driver definitely does not deserve for you to lose your energy.

A more complicated example is preventing yourself from getting angry with a loved one or a good friend. It’s not that your loved one or good friend doesn’t deserve your energy, but it might be the situation that doesn’t deserve for you to lose your energy. Regardless, apply the same principles even when dealing with a loved one or good friend. Try very hard to think before reacting and many times you will be able to preserve your energy and happiness.


How to Get and Stay Motivated

One way to give yourself more motivation is to learn to link any boring event or action you don’t want to do, with a worthwhile and important goal that you hope to achieve. In other words, you need to remind your yourself why you are doing a certain action using visualization.

For example, if you’re dreadfully performing some activity, then visualize how this is going to lead to you to being wealthier, more successful in your career, much happier, etc. Visualize the end result and how amazing it looks, and go after it.

Let’s take another example. If you’re struggling to motivate yourself to go to the gym, then imagine what it will be like to have amazing abs and a super lean body. Seem worth it now? This is one very simple, yet extremely powerful, visual motivation strategy to start implementing today.


How to Boost Self Confidence

Self confidence comes from learning to stop worrying about what other people think. This is what confidence really is. The most confident person in the room is the person who spreads themselves out in a way that isn’t done to make them look more impressive, but is rather done in a way that makes them feel comfortable regardless of what others think. The truly impressive person is the person who isn’t afraid of upsetting someone with what they say. They aren’t about to agree with the general consensus just so that they can feel liked. They speak their mind, while still being very respectful to everyone.

So how can you get to this stage? How do you genuinely stop caring about what others think? The answer is that you have to know yourself and you have to know what is important to you. Spend some time reflecting on what you value and what you’re passionate about. Once you’ve done this, you will be able to focus your energy only on those things that matter to you. Knowing yourself and judging yourself by your own standards will make you immune to the judgements of others and will help you become a stronger individual. Consequently, you will be able to shrug off the insults or the opinions of others. Not sure if a group of people like you? Who cares when you know yourself, you know what you value, you know what you’re passionate about. Instead of pleasing others, please your inner self. This is the key to bulletproof confidence.


How to Become Healthier

If you want to become a better version of yourself and begin a transformation that will reach into every aspect of your life, then one of the most important places to start with is your health. Your health is the source of all your power. The way you feel when you wake up first thing in the morning is what will determine how much you can get done that day. Your health directly impacts your mood, your ability to complete physically or mentally challenging tasks, and even your looks. Your health will also determine how long you live and the quality of your life during that span. In other words, your health is the single most important factor to consider if you want to make your life objectively better. Yet, it’s something that many people don’t give any thought to. People are so focused on other things, that they forget to pay any attention to health.

So how do you become healthier? The answer is that you need to focus on the nutritional value of the food you consume. The important lesson here is not to carelessly eat any type of food. Rather, focus on nourishing your body by providing it with healthy, nutrient-dense foods. Before you take a bite, think about what you’re consuming. Is it good for your body and your health? Asking yourself this simple question before you chow down, can transform your life and your body will love you for it. You can also ask the same question to prevent yourself from overeating. The combination of these two ingredients, consuming better foods and not overeating, is the secret recipe on how to become healthier.


How to End Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles to life transformation and manifestation. Many people have big dreams and goals yet they don’t even come close to fulfilling them. This is mainly due to a lack of strategy.

The secret to end procrastination is to strategically break the task or goal into smaller steps. No matter what your task or goal is, break that task or goal down into smaller steps. For example, many people have the goal to write a book, however they have no clue where to begin. The proper strategy is to create an outline of the ideas first, then to convert those rough ideas into full chapters. This is an easier and more strategic way to successfully write a book.

The critical element of this strategy is to create an outline of all the steps involved that need to be completed in order to manifest your goals. Organize this outline with smaller steps preceding larger steps. The reason being, it’s easier to complete smaller steps. Once you complete the smaller steps, then you’ll build some momentum, which will further help you tackle the larger steps. Complete your outline one step at a time until it’s done. If you’re stuck at any step, break that particular step down into even smaller steps, until it gets done. This is how you strategically end procrastination.


How to Create a Meaningful Life

The fundamental answer is doing things that you’re passionate about, or doing things that are important to you. Some people are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Some people are passionate about their work or an activity they love. Some people find it of utmost importance to start, love, and care for a family. Some people are passionate about the environment and saving our beloved planet. Some people are passionate about embarking on new challenges and learning from new experiences. These are some major ways on how to create a meaningful life.

Ultimately, you need to define what a meaningful life means to you. Ask yourself what you’re passionate about or what’s important to you. Once you figure that out, then you need to go after it and create that meaningful life for yourself. That is the epic journey of your beautiful life.